Rachel Corrie died for her sins!

As pathetic as this woman was, she does give me a perverse sense of cultural superiority as an American. Palestinians have their misguided suicide "martyrs" and we have ours, but at least our would-be martyrs don't take down innocent victims with them. As this blog is dedicated to proving that Rachel Corrie was a fool, any comments that stray towards other topics, such as justifying Islamic fascist terrorism, will be deleted. But feel free to post any rebuttal of the information provided.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Rachel Corrie died for her sins!

Rachel Corrie died for her sins!

Evergreen State College is honoring ISM terror enabler Rachel Corrie today at their graduation ceremonies: Graduation day activities to honor slain activist. (Thanks to all who emailed about this.)

Of course, this article in the Olympian repeats the lie that she was “run over by a bulldozer” again. This is becoming an item of faith, repeated endlessly, never checked for truth.

Rachel Corrie, the young Olympia woman who died March 16 in the Palestinian community of Rafah when she was run over by an Israeli military bulldozer, would have graduated today.

Instead, her mother, Cindy Corrie, will accept a posthumous diploma on her behalf. It is one of two posthumous diplomas being awarded.

The diploma is part of the official program, but at least two separate efforts in Corrie's name promise to inject a dose of politics into Evergreen's graduation program.

Hundreds of volunteers from Women in Black, an international women's group promoting peace between Israelis and Palestinians, will stage a vigil during graduation.

The group's twin goals today are to honor Rachel Corrie's memory and to push Congress to demand a full investigation into her death.

Organizers are aware that some critics have expressed concern about the attention given to Rachel Corrie and see it as criticism of Israel that borders on anti-Semitism.
Yes, organizers are “aware” of this, but that isn’t stopping this offensive travesty of a graduation ceremony.

Is the college aware of this photograph showing Saint Rachel teaching the little children of Palestine, which can still be found at the web site of the Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace?


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