Rachel Corrie died for her sins!

As pathetic as this woman was, she does give me a perverse sense of cultural superiority as an American. Palestinians have their misguided suicide "martyrs" and we have ours, but at least our would-be martyrs don't take down innocent victims with them. As this blog is dedicated to proving that Rachel Corrie was a fool, any comments that stray towards other topics, such as justifying Islamic fascist terrorism, will be deleted. But feel free to post any rebuttal of the information provided.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rachel's Words start off with lies.

They have a "Myth and Fact" sheet on the website.

The only problem is that they were already posting misinformation everywhere.

They say that Rachel died trying to prevent a bulldoer from destroying the house of a drug dealer while he was still in the house. yet the source they use is that he was a doctor. What was he? A pusher or proscriber?

If they can't even get that simple fact straight, why should we believe anything they post?

From http://www.rachelswords.org/2006/10/14/rachel-corrie-myths-and-facts/
Rachel was standing in front of the home of friends - pharmacist Samir Nasrallah

But from their source: http://www.miftah.org/Display.cfm?DocId=1866&CategoryId=23
Peace activist Rachel Corrie, 23, is a student at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. She died Sunday, March 16, 2003, in the southern Gaza city of Rafah while trying to stop an Israeli bulldozer from tearing down a Palestinian physician's home.

Which was it? Pharmacist or physician? As the only witnesses for Corrie's antisemitic side are the 7 Palestinian Solidarity members, and we know what their agenda is, then there were no objective witnesses. And we know what kind of liars the 7 are.


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