Rachel Corrie died for her sins!

As pathetic as this woman was, she does give me a perverse sense of cultural superiority as an American. Palestinians have their misguided suicide "martyrs" and we have ours, but at least our would-be martyrs don't take down innocent victims with them. As this blog is dedicated to proving that Rachel Corrie was a fool, any comments that stray towards other topics, such as justifying Islamic fascist terrorism, will be deleted. But feel free to post any rebuttal of the information provided.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

How Rachel Corrie really died (Hint: Not protecting a house)


Israel Matzav

On March 16, 2003, ISM 'activist' Rachel Corrie was killed by an Israeli D9 bulldozer in Rafah in the Gaza Strip. Rafah is in the Philadelphi Corridor in the map at left, along the border between Gaza and Egypt. You may recall that it's where the border between Gaza and Egypt was breached just a few weeks ago. At the time, the ISM claimed that Corrie was protecting a 'Palestinian' house:

Witnesses said Rachel Corrie, 23, from Olympia, Washington, was trying to stop the bulldozer from tearing down a building in the Rafah refugee camp when she was run over. She was taken to Najar hospital in Rafah, where she died, said Dr. Ali Moussa, a hospital administrator.

Corrie was a member of the International Solidarity Movement. Joseph Smith,21, of Kansas City Missouri, who was with Corrie at the site, said the driver of the bulldozer, an IDF soldier, could clearly see Corrie as she sat in front of the machine.

Contrary to Smith's report, IDF Capt. Jacob Dallal of the IDF Spoksewoman's Office said Corrie's death was an accident. The US State Department had no immediate comment.

In a series of three videos, each running approximately nine minutes, Becky Johnson and Lee Kaplan debunk the myth that Corrie was protecting a house. In fact, as Smooth Stone points out and as you will see in the video below, Corrie was standing in a trench where she could not be seen, protecting an entrance to a weapons tunnel.

Actual video footage from the Israeli Defense Forces show the real circumstances under which the terrorist loving anarchist died: knee-deep in a trench in the middle of dirt in an open dirt field. The left arrow on the photo below points to the tractor, the right arrow shows the kneeling Rachel Corrie. To see the live action footage moments before Rachel Corrie's accidental death, go to the Part 2 video [which I am embedding below. CiJ], approx 49 seconds into the video:


I actually watched all three parts of this video and for those of you who are inclined to do so, it is well worth the time. But what I noticed was that Video # 1 had the most views, Video # 2 had 40% less and Video # 3 had 50% less than that. Video # 2 is - in my humble opinion - the most significant video. So I am embedding video # 2 below. After it is finished, I will give you links to Videos 1 and 3. I also urge you to go to Smooth Stone's site, because he shows how the ISM used fauxtography™ to create the image of Corrie standing in front of a house rather than being in the trench where she really was.



For those of you who watch it, you will note that at the end of Video # 3, Lee Kaplan states his belief that the 'Palestinian' doctors who treated Corrie allowed her to die so that the 'Palestinians' would have their 'international' 'martyr.' At the time, Charles Johnson wrote the following underneath a picture of 'Palestinians' carrying out a mock funeral for Corrie:

Let’s see how many different versions of this story we can identify; she was crushed to death protecting a house; she was run over twice; she was crushed under a falling wall while trying to prevent a bulldozer from uprooting shrubbery; etc. etc. etc. Pitiful. And just look at all the Western media, falling for this garbage.Five years ago, I'm not sure even Charles realized how the ISM had doctored the photographs. It's a pity that the IDF waited this long to release the video.

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The Case Against Rachel Corrie

The Case Against Rachel Corrie

Sun, May 30, 2004 at 3:18:09 pm PST

Bruce S. Ticker spells out the blindingly obvious fact about Rachel Corrie and all the other objectively pro-terror swine of the International Solidarity Movement—they know perfectly well what they are doing: The Case Against Rachel Corrie. (Hat tip: NY Nana.)

Maybe, just maybe, Rachel Corrie knowingly aided and abetted cold-blooded murderers.
Many of you will probably call me naive and roll over having belly-laughs. It took me long enough, right? [Laugh? Who, me? —ed.]

When Corrie died more than a year ago, it was no great stretch to suspect that she and others who converged on Israel’s territories knowingly supported terrorists. There was certainly no proof and it was just as difficult to figure out any hard connection. ...
The raid on Rafah brings new facts to light indicating that Corrie and other ISM members had to know they were aiding and abetting terrorists, if they were not participating in terrorism themselves.

The 23-year-old Corrie, who traveled more than 8,000 miles from Olympia, Washington, was run over by a bulldozer when she tried to block the vehicle from demolishing a house in Rafah - a house where she had been staying. The Israeli military ruled that this was an accident and ISM members accused the driver of murder even before the military could investigate the incident.
It may pass the “reasonable person” test that these ISM’ers knew very well they were helping terrorists. What would a reasonable person conclude?

Consider: The Israeli government revealed that 90 weapons-smuggling tunnels were constructed between the Egyptian border and Rafah. At least some of these tunnels were known to end underneath the homes in Rafah.

With 90 tunnels running underneath Rafah, there must have been lots of suspicious activity. Corrie and her friends would have had to be blind not to notice.

First, there are the tunnel connections underneath the homes. ISM’ers who stayed with Gazan families might have seen the tunnels themselves, or they at least spotted people going back and forth from the basement of the home. During deliveries, people would have been hauling the goods out of the homes. Maybe Corrie herself did some heavy lifting.

The weapons then had to be transported somehow. Vehicles appear to be the natural choice. They would have had to be driven to the tunnel entrances and the weapons would need to be loaded onto the trucks.

Would you wonder about this kind of activity if you were personally on the scene?
Wherever ISM members mingled and even lived among Gaza and West Bank Arabs, it is possible that many of these Arabs were terrorists or helped the terrorists by feeding and housing them. The ISM’ers could have been at gatherings where they were introduced to suspected terrorists, heard stories about violent activities or noticed otherwise suspicious activity.

Actually, there is not only evidence, but proof of ISM aiding and abetting terrorists. When terrorists seized a church in Bethlehem, a few ISM’ers smuggled food to them.
If you put it all together, a reasonable person must conclude that the ISM members knew they were aiding and abetting terrorists.

The instant that it dawned on any of them that they might be helping terrorists was precisely the time for them to end their involvement. That’s what a sincere and honorable person would have done.